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Adding this to the discussion. I agree with Snipe and also some published literature from research indicates SMB can produce more biomass in a pond compared to LMB because the SMB thrive better on a diet high in invertebrates when fish in the diet become limiting. LMB to produce higher biomass require more fish in their diet compared to SMB.

Agreeing with Snipe the bass in the picture is a LMB.

IMO the sunfish in this pond in this thread will be better controlled when using LMB compared to the original plan of using smallmouth.

If you want a definite name for the sunfish in the pond post a good side picture of a couple of the sunfish out of the pond. They could easily be bluegill.


I believe they are all bluegill sunfish but need to net some and take some pictures. I have spotted a few larger ones and a monster sized one while feeding. Not sure if they had been in deeper what or what.

Here is a picture of the main plant mentioned earlier in the thread:

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