I recently had some SMB shipped in from Hartley's in KS. That was about 25 days ago, and those fish were about 2.5" long on average.

Yesterday, I drove to Zetts and picked up another 34 SMB, and they were all 1 to 1.25" long.

So, I'd be dubious about availability of any SMB over 4" or so in a few weeks.

Much of those adult golden shiners you have should be unaffected by the new SMB if they are over 4 or 5" until the SMB grow to about 12-14" plus. Depending on your forage base, and if you feed, that might occur in early 2024 although it could happen in late 2023.

Excerpt from Robert Crais' "The Monkey's Raincoat:"
"She took another microscopic bite of her sandwich, then pushed it away. Maybe she absorbed nutrients from her surroundings."