Hello Folks. Good to be here as a new member. Grew up with a pond and also have a 1/4 to a 1/3 acre pond for 15 years now. Hard Clay where I’m at. When we built I had a friend come grade out our site with a dozer before planting grass. I think he worked one 1/4 of the corner near the pond too much and sunk the rock ledge/side of pond. Since my overflow has lifted and this summer I plan to rework that whole corner with my tractor as well as fix the overflow and add more rock around the pond as over the years I have had a lot of spots fall into the pond. As I am doing this. Does anyone know if I can add some sort of crushed stone around the entire rock ledge before I add new rock? My thoughts are maybe the smaller stone will make its way down around the existing rock and prevent as many weeds for us to battle.. thoughts? Is this a good idea and if so what type of stone should I use to accomplish this? Thanks!!