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Money is not the problem. The problem is having a landowner and a father who refuses to listen to advice. Hate to get personal here but its what I have delt with all my 35 years of my life. I am just worried that the pond is going to be runied. He added 12 GC to help control the alge problem well then he noticed that none of the big bass have come back so he starting shooting the GC thinking for some reason they were making the big bass go away? Anyways as you can tell he does not know what hes doing, you try to give in advice and he just gets mad. So I dont know what you do.
Google White Amur (GC) and you'll find what you need to show him about how much algae they will consume.. None, as they can't process algae.
On the FHM side of the coin, any fish present will make very short work out of any introduction of Fatheads.

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