So I am helping my neighbor down the street with his two ponds. One is 4.4 acres depth between 4 - 8 ft, beautiful pond with clear water, a lot of weeds, and stunted bass. Starting on weeds then will move to fish.

He has another 1/2 acre pond into the wood that overflows into the 4.4 acre pond. The 1/2 acre pond has an average depth of 3ft and has been neglected for years. Usually its a duckweed mess and nothing has been done with it. This year I treated it and dyed it just to keep it looking nice, but he decided to add 40 lbs of tilapia to keep the algea at bay. I was thinking the only fish in there are tilapia so with them spawning it should created a lot of bait. Would adding some minnow traps and dumping them every so often into the main pond make a difference?

He is also adding about 120lbs of tilapia into the main lake but figured every bit would help.