Thank you very much once again Bill.

I didn't know GSH were such shallow bank spawners. Planting the 40-50 Balcypress in April of this year right at the High Water Level and then putting 10 or so of the mats when the water reaches 68f - I'll probably get ~5 from each supplier you linked above as the submerged weeds on 70-80% of the pond bank were greatly disturbed in Aug '21. No Idea at all what the FA will be like in that pond after disturbance of so much soil....

Any +/- or outright changes to the stocking plan above? I was wondering about the SMB the first fall but that seems to follow your guidance above and what I've read in other posts with a new SMB/YP fishery. I plan to Add WE in low numbers as an incidental catch species, also to not sway the balance of pond Prey/Pred too much.

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8 Ponds in Mid-East Ohio, three streams that merge to 1.

Fishbowl Pond - 1.5 acre, family swimming hole, 22'
Figure 8 Pond - 1.25 acre, 12'
Crescent Pond - 2 acre 11'