Stocking combinations of fish all depends on ones goals. Keep in mind that whatever fish combo you decide on, management and attention to the fishery balance determines the quality of the fishery. Each fish specie has its pros and cons. Just about any freshwater fish can be stocked into a pond, however how well they succeed can vary widely from pond to pond. Ideally you want to match the prey or forage fishes with the correct predator/s. Some stock to achieve large predators and some prefer larger panfish and there are numerous fish balances in between each end of the spectrum. Despite commonly desired, it is very difficult and very time consuming to have both ends of the spectrum at one time; mostly high quality or mostly all large fish of prey and predator. Again what are your goals? The in-between sizes of fishes are commonly the more fish numbers compared to those of big panfish or big predator. General fishing of various all sizes, often smaller ones, is the most common situation. Depending on how one harvests the crop determines what sizes of fish that are most often caught.

Keep in mind that some species such as RES are a more southern climate fish while PS fill a similar northern climate niche. Also note that some fish species are more prolific than others. So it is sort of important to match the panfish with the predator. We are here to help and guide your choices. Ask questions as they develop.

IMO I would not stock CC & YP because CC will reproduce and YP will not have the ability to adequately eat enough of the young catfish to keep them from stunting and overpopulating. I visited a pond one time that had YP and CC. No bass. Lots of 6"-9" CC and YP were not growing because the water was too turbid to allow the pond to be productive and grow adequate amounts of food for YP. The more numerous CC are in a pond usually the more turbid the water becomes. YP do not thrive as well in turbid water. Larger predators such as LMB are very good at eating small catfish and thus very efficiently keep CC numbers controlled unless lots and lots of refuge habitat is present.

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