I have visited this ranch in Texas many times over the past few years and always wanted to catch catfish. Today I fishies one of the ponds on the property for bass. I have tried this pond for catfish but had never seen any. Anyways I was throwing a drop shot night crawler when all the sudden I brought in a small bullhead I thought to myself cool but it’s not a catfish. Next cast I brought in a decent 2 pound channel catfish. It was a welcoming surprise. The next few casts I proceeded to bring in 7 more channel cats. All similar size and color coming from the same 10 foot radius of water. Keep in mind I have fished this pond at least 50 times previously and never seen one. We had some warmer weather today so I thought maybe they were getting more active because of it...? I don’t know what to think it’s bizarre if anyone has any thoughts please share.