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Having neighbors own the other parts of the pond may result in those nice looking trees being cut down and you not having a say in the matter... Could you tell from the Google earth maps if the water is always stained? May just let you know whether you can expect clear water or murky over time... Sometimes that can be a result of the fish or wildlife in the pond... I had carp in my pond and it went from a pretty clear pond before carp to a very stained one, the muskrats also tend to make it more murky... But the drought took care of both of those problems, at least for now since the pond went dry... I imagine when the water refills the muskrats will return, but my irrigation water access has changed, so I don't expect the carp to return... Best of luck with your decision... J

Exactly my thoughts on those trees. I'm reading about many nightmares with shared ponds and while that might not happen, the idea that it could is probably going to prevent me from buying this property if I'm right about it being shared, which I believe I am.

I'm attaching a couple pics from google earth and google maps.

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