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Sunil has given you lots of good advice.

At this point I would suggest making your realtor do a little extra work to "earn" that commission. Have them pull the plats and property description to fully delineate the ownership of the pond.

Also an innertube and a rope with a weight are a perfectly acceptable "low tech" means of estimating the depth of the pond.

Good luck!

Yes he has!

Agreed on the realtor and that's exactly what I asked her to do because while the plat that I used over the google earth image did lay over it very nicely with the roads aligning perfectly to the properties, perhaps it's not quite accurate which I'm hoping for because I really like this property.

LOL @ innertube and rope with weight. I have a friend who lives near this property and have already jokingly asked if he can bring a raft and a stick out there to do some measuring. smile