So here I am, needing to make a decision, a big one. I'm going to be moving to a new state, Texas, have wanted water in my "retirement home" since I was young, though I don't really fish anymore, and just got back from a trip to TX thinking that I have found the property everyone in the family loves, but am now second guessing the pond.

This property is on 2.15 acres and my jerky video skills in the beginning shows the house which may help with perspective of the size of the pond. If I were to guess, it's probably 1/3 of an acre (complete guess).

I've only done a little reading on pond care, construction,etc. but now it's time to dig in quickly because houses in this market sell fast so I need to make a decision.

The video probably doesn't tell you much, but for you pond pros, maybe it tells you something and I'd really appreciate hearing what that is.

My concerns as a total noob and I'm going to ask the builder...

The trees in the pond, how did they get there? Will they eventually topple because the pond was put there afterwards so now high winds will cause a weakened root mass to fail? Will this cause the pond to drain?

The only end of the pond I could get to on the left side, since the property isn't cleared yet, seemed to be shallow. Shouldn't the pond have a well defined edge where the edge plunges at a high ratio?

Finally, where does it drain (I do know there's a drainage easement along the backside of the property, which is the back of the pond behind that very large tree).

There's probably more but this is becoming a book so I'm hoping a dialogue will start here for me to have more intelligent questions for the builder or perhaps, to have less concerns and just sign the contract. smile

Thanks in advance,



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