I do not recall what I tried to do to undo the situation, but my system has flow controls on each line...surely I would have turned the others off, or down, to force the one to flow...Maybe I didn't due to the concern of deadheading the pump. If I get too high of back pressure on the pump, it chatters pretty good. I just don't recall.

IF (big IF), your approach would work with respect to dispersing the chemical into the pond waters...I would not inject it into the air stream of the aeration system, but rather introduce the chemicals at the diffusers directly into the pond. Something like a jug with small holes in it to allow a slow release and hoping the current caused by the diffusers carries it where you need it. I'm just brain storming and have no experience with treating ponds for algae or or other plant life.

If it were me, I'd get the boat out.

Welcome, by the way, and you've come to the right place for solid advise and such!

Fish on!,