I just took a surface temp at 6pm this evening and it read 98 degrees already!! Can that be right? It did get to 94 air temp today. I have not run my aeriation since early last fall and my water clarity is the BEST it has ever been at about 30 inch on secchi dish. I suppose I need to start the aeriation again but I sure hate to lose that beautiful clear water! I can finally SEE my fish and enjoy watching them again. My 2 acre pond is and has been at full pool for several months now because of all the east Texas rains. I realize if I start aeriation again I will have to ease into it 15 minutes at a time. What do ya'll think?? I know there are many ponds without aeriation. Should I fire it up?? If I do I suppose I have to run it all summer long again right?? Just not sure what to do. Pond is in best shape it has ever been in and catching bass the best EVER!!

Dear Alcohol, We had a deal where you would make me funnier, smarter, and a better dancer... I saw the video... We need to talk.