Canyon - Sorry it has been a bit since I checked in. Snowfall is not great, but far from the worst we've had. I think we reached about 85% of normal for our zone. Coming off fast though and now we are sitting at 70% of normal. I will put that in perspective though. This pic was taken April 2nd. The wood thing poking through the snow in this pic is a huge saw horse I use to lay the wind turbine tower down on. The top of the saw horse comes to about my neck....
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For a long stretch there has been zero change up there. The pipe hole remained open all winter and all other holes remained domed over. A few days ago pics started to come where it looked like the domes were finally starting to try to open - like you can see with the closest dome. Yesterday the quad diffuser, in the far back right, finally broke through and has made open water. I am HOPING to keep open water over the open diffusers from here on out, but we will see.

My buddy went up a couple months back and measured 3.0PPM. That is much lower than I would like, but higher than it's ever been over winter. How do my trout survive the low DO conditions?? I honestly am not sure. I suspect it might be a few factors. One, there are possibly some safe zones right around the diffusers where DO is higher than what we've measured further away from the diffusers. Two, My water temp was 32.7F. I suspect the trout need much less O2 at those extremely low water temps. One of my bigger questions is how the heck do they grow so well under the ice in these horrible conditions??

Praying the Brookies were able to pull off a spawn and the eggs survived and hatched. I am ready for reproduction.

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