Here's a now spring update on feeding in the trout pond.

We have had two weeks of very warm temperatures, and lots of ice has melted. It was melted enough today that I was able to fish some open water on the side. As I was fishing, I noticed boiling on the surface, so I went and got some fish food to throw. After a few minutes of the food in the water, there was some concentrated action at the surface, some of which I managed to capture on video. Please let me know if this is the trout eating or not based on the video. I did not feed much, but will throw some more tomorrow evening as well. I'm also trying to tap a rake handle on a rock under the water as Bill suggested every time I feed.

There is also a high amount of curly leaf pondweed floating where the ice has melted. We will have to get out in a boat within the next week or two to collect it to allow for better fishing and feeding.


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