I've owned 3 Can Am 1000 Defenders (currently have a 6x6) and 1 Ranger 570. I started out with the Ranger, my wife surprised me with it. It was decent, for a smaller sxs. When I decide I wanted something bigger, my research lead me to the defender. The clutch system can am is using in their machine was better in my opinion than the ranger. I also wanted gears for my reverse gears and not a chain like the rangers had. However I believe can am went to a chain driven reverse gear in all units starting in 2018 except the XMR defender. Their chain is much beefier than the Polaris one however. I haven't researched them in awhile, so the ranger may be better built by now. I always liked the build quality of the Kawasaki Trex too, but didn't like how tough it was to change a belt if needed. Can am is pretty user friendly when it comes to that.