Bill and Cecil, thanks for all of the information.

I think a mix of trout is a good idea. Seems like catch rates go up, and it's nice to have variety. I aerate with a fountain all ice free months. The browns were not as difficult to catch during open water season; it's really through the ice that it becomes a problem. I think the weeds are one of the key problems, but a mix of trout also seems like a good idea, and I'll stock a mix of browns, tigers, and maybe bows next time. I like that tigers are hardy.

About the egg absorption, I was told that the trout spit the eggs if they can't spawn. I found roe to be a very effective bait for the browns around the time they would be spawning. I was told by the hatchery that the other fish will eat eggs once the fish spits them. Although, that clearly might not be true. My area is popular for steelhead fishing, and we catch "loose" fish that start spitting eggs once they are brought on shore. I wonder if the trout can prevent this from happening when spawning habitat is not available for long periods of time or if they have to spit the eggs. Either way, I'd like to time my harvest of a few browns for when they have developed eggs, as I use them for steelhead bait.

Thanks again.


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