Fyfer123 -- Here is some additional very good trout information for you from our emeritus trout expert CecilBaird1.
Can't say how much more warm temperatures brown trout will tolerate compared to rainbows but allegedly a little more. One source says it also depends on the strain of brown trout. As you know there are strains that are native to North Africa all the way to Siberia. The more northern strains would be less tolerant of warmer water right? Browns also have one more thing going for them: According to a paper I read from Australia the females browns are less prone to issues with egg reabsorption if they retain their eggs due to unsuitable spawning conditions. Supposedly reabsorbing eggs is very stressful and can kill trout.

Tiger trout are much easier to catch than brown trout. In league with brook trout which are very easy to catch.

My hatchery source says tiger trout are even hardier than brown trout as does the prof in NY that writes articles for Pond Boss. I'm thinking his name was Mark Cornwell. I haven't seen any data that backs that up though.

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