The hatchery does have rainbow trout. I only chose browns because they are supposed to be more tolerant of higher temperatures. Because my pond is not spring fed, I worry about rainbows getting stressed in the warm summer weather. While we don't get extreme heat here, the nights in my area don't get very cool mid summer unlike areas even a hour away, so I worry about water temperatures. I will attach a list of our max and min temperatures in the summer to give everyone an idea of whether or not it would be too warm for rainbows.

The bass always were happy to eat leftover nightcrawlers I threw out last summer, so the elongated pellets should work well.

It does sound like rainbows are a little easier to catch, but hardiness is the main concern. There are also brook and tiger trout at the hatchery. I believe brook trout are more sensitive (they are native in my area as well) and I'm not sure about tigers.

Temperatures in Fahrenheit for the summer months:

June: max: 68 min: 57.74
July: max: 74.7 min: 64.76
August: max: 74.12 min: 64.58
September: max: 68.72 min: 58.46

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