I don't feel like I have much of an option in terms of removing all of the bass, which seem to reproduce well and rapidly in the pond, so why not have them reach a size worth angling for? I will still remove all bass caught, as they are actually a great eating fish in my pond. We do not stock trout less than 10-12" in size as per the recommendation of the hatchery due to the 20+" class of trout already in the pond being a potential threat to small trout being added. Is a bass capable of eating a 10-12" trout? I should specify that the largest bass in the pond is only a 2lb fish that looks skinny.

I will roll the pellets in the elongated shapes as you recommended to encourage feeding. Does anyone know how much bass can grow in one spring/summer/fall season in a pond? It would be nice to have the bass a good size for culling, although I will be culling all throughout the open water season anyways.

Thanks again for the advice, Bill. I am hoping that feeding is a way to mitigate the forage shortage in the pond given the unwanted bass.


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