That elongated shape sounds like it is a great idea. It the trout were waiting under the hole like your perch, I'm sure the slow fall would help.

I think you are right about the fish. It's just not possible for them to find my lures with all the weeds. If I can get my lures or bait infront of them I'm sure I could get bit.

On another note, I'm wondering about whether or not I should be feeding/trying to prevent the bass from eating the pellets in the open water season. You might be thinking the bass would not eat the pellets since they are not feed trained, but I think they will. They will literally bite at anything that falls in the water, as they are hungry and very competitive for food. I assume they will learn it's food and frequent that area.

If they do try and eat the food, will it be good for the pond to have bass being fed? Or is that against my goal of growing bigger trout and having some bass to catch and eat just because they are there? If the bass do eat the food, I wouldn't mind some bigger bass for better eating when they are culled.

I'm fairly confident the bass will eventually eat the pellets, so I'm just wondering if it's a good thing or not.

Thanks again.


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