Today, I attempted the "calling in" the fish method. I fished a Vibrato bait (mix between a spoon and a blade bait) as well as another rod with trout food. I was surprised when it seems zero fish came to the area. We have gotten a lot of snow recently, so it's a pain to make too many holes around the ice as there is some slush. I fished this area for more than 2 hours with bait and not much jigging but had no bites.

I measured 14" of ice in that spot, but the slush in other areas makes fishing inconvenient. I will wait for it to harden up where I've shoveled and try there tomorrow. I'm amazed that 2 hours with trout dough did not lead to a bite. The fish are obviously not in that area, but the pond does not have many features, so I'm not sure where they'd be.[Linked Image from]


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