Here's an update on the ice fishing and feeding on the pond.

I attempted to target bass at a few underwater overhangs in the pond that they like to hand out under in the summer. I used small jigs with salted minnows, tiny tungsten jigs with pieces of minnow, small spoons and worms with no luck. I don't think there is a good chance of catching one through the ice.

I also tried fishing for trout a couple of days since the last report and got one brown. They are definitely a very finicky fish, and I haven't figured them out yet. I've been feeding pellets, so I hope they're eating.

We got lots of snow overnight and more is on the way. I re cleared some paths for fishing, but won't be able to try again until Friday. I will update then. As Bill said, I think calling the fish in is very important. I will try dropping a lure down with a lot of action and flash to see if the fish come and then eat the trout dough. I should have tried that more this week.[Linked Image from]

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