Thanks for the reply, Bill.

I am sure the bass will be very hard to catch through the ice. Browns shouldn't be too hard, but the ones in my pond seem finicky, as Cecil seemed to say was common. On the other hand, bass are extremely rare to catch through the ice (and it is illegal in public waters), so I think it will be a real challenge and it's unlikely to work. It would be nice to get a few bass to eat and cull though, so I will be at it today. I've scoped a few spots, two near underwater ledges where the bass congregate in summer, and one in a deep area just to try. I will try small baits for the lethargic fish.

I will update when I finish. It seems like, especially from Brad, that it is possible to catch some through the ice. We have a cold front moving, and I've heard that doesn't help.


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