I fished today and yesterday from one hour before dark until dark and did not have any luck on PowerBait, spoons, jigs, salted minnows, worms, and roe bags leftover from Steelhead fishing. These brown trout are definitely picky, but I will keep at it and have some time to do a lot of fishing this weekend.

On another note, if Bill or anyone else could inform me on whether it is possible to catch some of my LMB through the ice that would be much appreciated. I have never caught a bass in the pond past October when the trout start to become very active. Ice fishing all of this time, I have yet to see evidence of any bass. However, as the little ones school up, I think if I could locate them there is the potential for good numbers. The question is, do they eat at all under the ice? Will they be shallow or deep? What happens to them when the water is cold? Are they simply shut down and lethargic? The reason for all of these questions is it would be great to catch some bass to eat during the winter, since I need to cull them anyways and I figure they should taste even better in the cold water.

Here is also I picture of a trout caught a few days ago on PowerBait I forgot to attach in another post. [Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

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