So, a small update. Not too much new going on other than a LOT of new snow and a LOT more on the way. The pipe hole was finally over taken by the snow for a bit, but did make it's way back open all though it is smaller. Pipe hole is back open and windmill is doing really well after a week or so of ferocious wind.

My buddy went up and got some data. DO was 3.0PPM which is MUCH better than this time in years past. Water temp is 32.7 degrees! Wow! Really cold!

These incredibly low water temps create a fascinating question. Jeff, MNFish, in Minnesota has far colder ambient air temperatures than I do. He is regularly deep in the negatives and I don't think we have had any negative temps so far this year. I would say my low temps have averaged in the mid to high teens to the low 20s. I have over double the surface acres that he has. His ponds deepest spot is 6' and mine is 22'. He is also running his aeration 24-7. I am running 7 hours per day. Yet somehow his water temps are far warmer than mine.

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