Thanks again for you knowledgable reply, Bill, and thank you to Cecil as well for providing that information.

I believe that the "bug" is an aquatic isopod you mentioned. It was very small. Those are actually small pieces of a cutting board. I figure its a good thing the trout have something to eat during the winter that is natural. They clearly have a big advantage over the bass when the water is cold.

I really appreciate those links. They seem like great resources.

Yesterday, I was able to catch another trout, this time on orange PowerBait. I think I am figuring them out more. They like to stay in the areas with moderate weed density or no weed density at all. They do not seem to ever go to the extremely dense weed areas. I also fished with salted minnows and a soft plastic on a jig and did not get any bites. I will try worms if I get a chance today, because I think they might bite them.

I am also continuing to use the camera to see where they are feeding.

Thanks again.


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