Thank you for the information on the perch. I believe my trout are not in the area I am feeding. I tried a slightly different spot today with less weeds for fishing with minnows and had no luck. It seems very surprising a small minnow would be passed up by trout with little pressure, so I think I'm in the wrong spot. I will try the middle of the pond tomorrow.

In terms of the curly leaf, it sounds like it is manageable, as is evident by your pond. Those chemicals and even fish like tilapia are not legal here, so it makes it difficult to control.

Thank you for reaching out to Cecil. It really sounds like they are not easy to catch. I will purchase some of those pellet imitations. Furthermore, I will try tomorrow fishing with the trout food on my hook. I know it's not a good thing long term due to hook shy fish, but it will be a good test of whether or not they are in the area / catchable.

Thanks so much for the advice. More information will come tomorrow. I'll try and have the camera down in different spots as much as possible.


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