I definitely need to find where the fish are holding. How could they ever find a bait in weeds that thick? The fish should be active for sure.

Your control strategy for the curly leaf sounds great. I would really like to use that strategy, but it is nearly impossible to obtain permits and the chemicals to do any treatment on a pond in my province. We tried last year and could not get a permit. Thus, we have had to resort to cutting weeds manually, which is not sustainable. The pond was almost fully cleared by mid July via the weed razor, and then the weeds began to die down anyways. So, the weeds must have grown in the fall. They make fishing very difficult in the summer, and it seems like it will be a winter problem too. Unfortunately, I'm not sure there is that much I can do other than adjust my angling technique.

Please let me know how the feeding goes. I am trying again as well with the camera and will report.

Thanks again.


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