I'll pick up some real minnows this week to try, as I want to see how the trout react. Those frozen minnows also sound like a good idea.

By the way, I fished yesterday for a few hours with no bites. I was mostly using two deadstick rods with worms, as I was clearing snow from the ice for most of the time. They are not a common ice bait, but I figured it was worth the shot.

To confirm, clearing snow to increase light penetration is beneficial? We also do it to make a skating area, but lots has been shoveled just to clear the ice in general.

I'll be back at it again today to see what happens with a few different techniques. I'd like to have a camera like an AquaVu with a live screen but I just have a regular waterproof camera that I put down on fishing line with a light, so I can only review the footage after the fact.

Thanks again for all the advice, Bill.


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