Your methods of places and ways of angling with the trout seem very good and the correct things to do to minimize producing hook smart fish. Possibly catching trout close to shore is due to making noises creating an ice hole and fishing in the area where you feed the fish. Do you also catch the trout in other shallow water areas of the pond? This ice auger noise might attract trout which is why I suggested making noise in a deep water ice hole to hopefully attract inquisitive trout. Making noise should then attract them to any area you are fishing angling? I am not real familiar with trout behavior but I suspect in a pond the trout would roam all over in the pond searching for foods. It is possible the trout frequent the shallow water areas because there are more invertebrates and small fish in the shallows . Try it with some chumming with noise making and report back here with the results. Good luck ice fishing.

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