Thank you very much for all of that additional information.

In order to avoid the negative reinforcement you mention, I will feed the fish in a different area than I fish from. I will also make sure to use a different bait on my hook. I don't believe hook shy trout are an issue at the moment, as I haven't released any through the ice and very few have been released in general. The only ones that might be hook shy are the few that I have lost while bringing them in. The underwater camera will be a good indicator of if I am feeding and angling in the right areas. I haven't yet figured out where the trout spend time during the winter. I have only had luck angling close to shore in shallower water, but that might be because of the feeding and methods I was using. I will now try chumming as you mentioned as a way to encourage fish to come to the angling area.

Thanks again and I'll update with this week's results.


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