The days with more flat sunlight are good to see what is really going on.

-Pipe hole still kicking butt. Interestingly the pipe hole has a dual diffuser and it looks like it's hole is as big or bigger than the hole the quad diffuser has made to the right.
-The quad diffuser appears to have broken through. That spot is usually covered by the shade from the trees. In previous years it has not been able to break through like this. Is it possible moving the diffuser closer to the shore allowed the air to vent and shortened the amount of time the dome could stay in place?? I think so and that was my intention, but no way to prove.
-very very slight gray spot from windmill. can only really see when zooming in. Will be very interesting to see how windmill performs next winter with a pipe in the plume. It has NEVER kept a hole open in 7 years.
-single vertex to the far right is long gone.
-close dual still struggling with the dome. Wet spot out on the edge of the dome seems to be remaining basically the same size.

It is snowing today with more snow in the forecast this week. I expect all the holes/wet spots to be snowed over except the hole with the pipe.

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