Small update and semi interesting. Zero new snow still! Not good! We need some snow out there. Had one of the windiest days up there I've ever seen over the previous two days. Sustained winds for hours over 30 mph with a high of 39mph. Pretty wild. The snow in the pics even appears windswept now. The pipe hole continues to show out. It has not closed up one single time all winter. The other holes are still gone. The close dual still has a wet spot that just refuses to open up into a hole and I could not understand why. Comparing todays pic to an older pic shows the answer. The dome over the close dual has NOT collapsed like I thought it had. In the older pics a "donut pattern" appeared in the snow over the diffuser. This was more proof of the ice doming up as the melt pattern is the exact opposite of what it should have been. Well I transposed todays pic over top of the "donut pic" and the wet spot in todays pic lines up OUTSIDE of the donut pattern. So somewhere along the outer edge of the donut pattern the water has melted through a little bit, but the dome MUST still be present over top of the diffuser. Out at the edges of the plume there is just not enough energy to get through the ice. So all this explains in years past why the wet spots would show up, but never make a hole, and then disappear as soon as new snow fell. Jeff in MN has documented ice lifting 2' off the water!!!

Todays pic with wet spot
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Old pic with donut pattern. The wet spot in pic above lies completely outside of the donut.
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