Ok so just on monday I ordered 100 black crappie 3-4in, 100 perch 3-4in, and 2000 minnows for dads pond fish wont be ready til late april or even May. For those of you that dont know about this pond. Its just about 2 aces in size and 16ft deep at about the center and was build back in 2010 it also has 3 springs in it. We have BG, CC, LMB, and GC. I am wanting to add more structure to the water. I already have 2 tubes at the bottom for the catfish, have about 4 buckets with PVC in them to makes trees for the panfish. My question is how much more structure do I wanna add? Also what type do I wanna make? Like I said I got the pvc trees in it already. But I am wanted to do like cedar trees, or do some type of palette structure like a palette triangle. Now my next question would the palettes last longer than the trees?

Thanks for the info!!!

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