8 days since the last update. Things have remained relatively unchanged. The pipe hole is still open and has been the entire time. (Remember this hole is ~250 yards from the camera so it is much bigger than it appears). It seems to have gotten a little smaller and I think that may be due to water temps getting colder. No question though, this is the first year EVER I have been able to keep a hole open uninterrupted. There is some signs of life from the diffuser in the close dual spot. It looks like maybe the dome collapsed and we are getting a little action. If it is like years past, this action will be short lived, will dome back up and disappear completely. There has been zero new snow. Not doing too great for average annual snowfall. Plan for summer 2021 is pipes in every single plume.

Still have not been able to get anyone up to gather data. That sucks.

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

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