Stringer - I always appreciate input man! I can say this.... We thought about that approach earlier as well. In the past, I had the quad station and a dual station 20 or 25 yards apart. I turned the other stations off and only ran air to those two stations. Now that is 6 discs pumping air. I had the same result - the holes froze over completely never to be seen again. Now maybe it's possible that the result would have been different if the stations were 20 feet away instead of yards, but I doubt it. Last year in the middle of winter I had my buddy turn the valve and kill a couple stations to try to force more air to less spots. It didn't help at all.

For the last few years the fight has been just to keep a dang hole open. And this is not just happening in my lake. A cabin below me has a solar aerator that has not been able to keep a hole open for three years in a row. I am planning on putting in a pipe for him this summer and then monitor results. Now, we know the ice is doming up and now we know the pipe will prevent the dome and keep a hole open. Knowing those things I question the advantages, dissolved oxygen-wise, of one big hole versus multiple smaller holes.

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