Canyon - IMO at this point more open holes/water = higher DO and that's what I am after. At this point I am unconcerned about water temp or a warm water refuge. The past three years the trout seem to have been thriving under the ice in the near freezing water so I just don't see a reason to worry about water temps. I do not think I have acheived 100% survival yet. I THINK I am still loosing some number of fish per year. I am thinking higher DO can get me to 100% survival. or at least no losses due to low DO.....

The other issue is I am trying to flush nutrients from the lake with the snow melt. If I keep the lake fully mixed when the spring runoff comes I flush a lot of water through the lake. I am hoping that flushing helps reverse my eutrophication somewhat over the years. No way to easily get up there to move diffusers around from a winter configuration to a spring runoff setup.

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