Gast 1550 pump - 12 CFM at 10 PSI
Thomas 2660 - 4.24 CFM @ 10 PSI

10 PSI is the pressure at start up. As the system runs a bit the PSI comes down about 1 PSI. So these numbers are worst case.

16.25 combined CFM minus 33% derate for 10,000' = 10.88 CFM

I have 9 vertex discs. That is 1.21 CFM per disc or slightly more. The koenders runs one single vertex disc that is not included in those calcs.

The layout is illustrated in the pic - koenders omitted. Air is balanced via valves to make plumes relatively even. The single has the weakest plume on purpose and the close dual has the strongest plume on purpose for experiment I knew it would be unprotected by a pipe or natural obstruction. I have no way to individually measure the CFM each disc is receiving.
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IMO - I do not know what the DO data will prove at this point. I have proven the ice is doming up. That was proven December 2019 when I shot the dome and it blew up. Pics are in this thread. I have also proven the pipe prevents/disrupts the doming process. Are you disagreeing with any of this??? I hope not because IMO that data is shown again right here in todays pic. Every hole is now toast except the piped hole. Even the quad is almost completely gone. If things proceed as they have the last three years the quad will entirely vanish with only random signs of a little bit of action, but no hole again till spring. Could be slightly different this year with the addition of the 2660 running simultaneously.
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DO may not be great right now. How could it be with only one hole open? I do 100% believe that next year with a pipe next to each diffuser and 5 holes open, my DO will be significantly better than it is currently.

How often do you see -20 degrees?? To me here's just some high level thinking. No - I am not trying to burn through three feet of ice, BUT just the fact that Jeff and I annually get three feet of ice and you guys are no where even close to that tells me we are dealing with two very different animals.

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