Wondering if this is the final answer??? Does the pipe officially solve the ice doming? Thoughts??

It appears to me that even if the pipe does not completely SOLVE the doming issue it still allows holes to open MUCH sooner than non piped holes so still very valuable.

12.23.20 was VERY cold on the mountain. The high for the day was 6 degrees. It was around 4 degrees for most of the day. (the camera always shows a higher temp. It is in a metal security box that heats up with even the slightest bit of sun on it)The power stayed on and pumps ran all day, but they struggled to keep holes open. Maybe just due to the extreme cold? I don't know. I would guess my water temp is down to 33 degrees or high 32s. Maybe at extreme cold air temps like that water temps of 32-33 degrees will struggle to keep a hole open no matter what? Just another theory at this point. Anyway here is the pic from 12.23. It had me a little nervous that maybe even the pipe wasn't going to be enough.
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

Then here is the pic from 12.24.20. The low temp was 4 degrees, but the high got up to 31 degrees. The diffuser hole with the pipe opened right back up while the other solar holes completely vanished. The close dual diffuser has the most aggressive plume of any of the diffusers. It is in shallower water and closer to the valve box by a long way. Interesting that it cannot keep a hole open. Also interesting that the koenders opened up when the aggressive dual cannot. We did have 20 and 30 mph winds for a couple days so that obviously helps. The pic from 12.25.20 looks identical to 12.24. No sign of the close dual hole at all. That holes' death is ruled a homicide by doming....

Pic from 12.24.20
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

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