More interesting developments.

Power has been in and out today due to weather so pumps have not run for their full amount of time. More snow coming over the next two days. Clearly no issue with lines freezing up so far.

I think the extra 1/2HP of pump is helping punch holes this year. No way to measure that, it is just my gut feeling. Also have to consider we moved two of the four solar diffusers closer to natural obstructions that we thought would help fight the doming. Quad is very close to the edge of the water and some fallen trees in the water. Single is very close to a dead standing tree. The close dual, with no pipe and no natural obstructions, is the diffuser most clearly having a battle with doming. The "doughnut pattern" in the snow shows it perfectly. I THINK once the dome gets far enough off the water the doughnut pattern won't show up anymore.

Hopefully my buddy will get up there this month to test DO! That is the ultimate test.

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