The close dual is back to open. Quad hole is still open as well - although looking small. Possible snow coming this weekend so if that happens I expect some of the holes to struggle to stay open. Theoretical scenario is - Snow will stick to the panels and cause power to shut down, holes will freeze over, if power doesn't come back on early enough and allow pumps a full day to run it will create a dome and then the hole is done for. Falling behind on snow this year. As of 12/06 we are 69% of last year and 64% of average. That can change in a minute though. We have had a single storm dump 48" or so in the past. We REALLY need the snow out there bad - but the lack of snow makes life easier for the aeration.

Buddy might be going up soon to take some DO readings. I am very interested to see how the water is doing.

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