Thanks for the advice Bill.

So from what I'm hearing is:

1. Remove 100 lbs of LMB under 14" a year and keep records.

2. Feed the BG that I currently have and grow my own forage for the LMB.

3. Give the GC time to do what they do.

4. Don't lime yet from jpsdad and Bill Cody made reference to the alkalinity. Do I need to find out what the alkalinity is and then make a decision or just wait until the spring and reevaluate?

Should I plan on NOT using any herbicide on the vegetation in the spring? I'm concerned that if the alkalinity is off the herbicide won't be as effective. (Think that I read that somewhere.)

I plan on purchasing a feeder which should help with the consistency of the feeding. Currently with the time change, I may get home late and not be able to feed everyday.

What am I missing guys?