Hay there John, My BPW has also died back. Guessing some of it from the grass carp and some form the changes in the weather or seasons. I am going to keep a close eye on it this coming spring. One concern is the BPW died back but dropped seeds that will come to life this coming spring. Just wanted some thoughts with treating the whole pond or treating 1/3 of it at a time and see what happens. But a close eye on it because it is extremely invasive plant at my pond.

jpsdad, Yes grass carp were added last fall. Just not enough to keep up with the growth of the plants so I added more. Three per acre and then added two more per acre the following spring. I do have experience where at the pond the crawfish denuded all my plants but that was back when my predators were small and few. I will add some more this spring. These are White River crawfish and Red swamps also. In the past i learned that the majority of crawfish around NE Texas are these two species due to people raising them for eating in crawfish ponds and then they moved on there own and for the most part these crawfish took over and the natives either moved along or died out. This has taken place over an extremely large area of our country.

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