I put 4 grass carp in my 1 acre RES/SMB pond that had about 50% coverage with bushy pond weed. Now my pond is near denuded of plant life. I had also put in a few hundred tiny crayfish but the BPW was already being reduced by the time the crayfish went in.

Was it the grass carp that did it? Possibly and maybe even probably. But I also realize it simply could have been a poor year for the BPW. Seems like some things associated with a pond will go crazy one year and maybe the next year not that much of a problem. I had that happen in my main pond with FA. One year it was horrible and since has not been near the problem.

So I can't say for sure the grass carp cleaned out the BPW, I think that is what happened. The crayfish could also have been part of the resolution.

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