Some initial results are in. Of course not saying this is conclusive, just interesting. A couple storms blew in and put down 12"-18" of snow. Solar panels snowed over and power went down for 2.5 - 3 days. The only aeration came from the windmill and it appeared to keep a hole open the entire time. The power came back on at some point this morning and so the pumps started running. The online system hasn't updated yet so I cannot tell how long the pumps have been running. BUT......BUT..... here's what we can see. The close open hole is from the windmill. The open hole further back is the only diffuser that has a pipe installed next to it! Now, I am sure the other holes will open up tomorrow, but I find it VERY interesting that the only diffuser with a metal pipe is the only one that's open at this point. If the other holes eventually open, this hole opened MUCH faster. This is a dual vertex diffuser in ~12' of water. There is another dual vertex diffuser in the foreground of the pic in ~10' of water that tries to hog all the air because it is shallower with a MUCH shorter run of airline and it shows ZERO signs of life.

May have this doming thing whipped!!!

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