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As long as you are having success, I agree. But if you still have a doming problem this year, then I will unzip my lips. grin

I'd love to see water temp profiles from under the ice to the bottom of the pond in the deepest part of the pond in say February. O2 profiles too, about every 2-3 feet.

If I still have doming at EVERY diffuser I will be shocked, but we will see.

I have gotten that data over the last couple years. The water seems fully mixed - water temp is consistent top to bottom. DO has just been gone.

I believe the doming issues are the culprit of that. Aeration is mixing the water, but not enough of the water is contacting air that has a lot of O2 because of the dome. Allow fresh air get to the surface of the water and you will see the O2 levels go up.


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