Got 12" of snow and the first ice of the season. Looks like Winter is coming. We are a week or so later than ice on for Winter 2019/2020 and temps are supposed to warm back up so we might get a couple or few extra weeks of open water versus last year. I got one steel pipe installed next to one diffuser to hopefully break up any ice dome that tries to form. We moved the other diffusers close to natural obstructions like a tree standing in the water, fallen trees in the water, a large boulder, etc to try to see if those would also disrupt the ice domes. Camera will be watching so it will be a cool experiment to see which diffusers stay open and which don't.

Another change this year. I will be running the 1HP pump simultaneously with the 1/2HP pump all winter. Both pumps will be running for the same amount of time we have run only a single pump in the past. This gives the air output quite a boost. An extra ~4 CFM or so. PSI is reduced by 2PSI versus last winter. Both of these improvements will help increase plume intensity.

So here we go. It's round 7 in the fight between me and winter. DING DING!!!

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