I was reading on this site about trout. Was wondering if a guy would put in trout this fall. Would they clean up the bullheads in the pond all winter. They are more active in cold water so I thought they may eat the slower bullheads or would they just eat the BG or small LMB. Would they get big enough to eat a 6 inch bullhead. Lake is 60 acres and muddy till ice covered. Has springs in it and stays cold (60's) till first of May. How many would need to be stocked? I think what few bass are in my lake are starting to get rid of the bullheads that are smaller than 4 inches or the bullheads are eating each other.

Was also thinking about adding GSD. I have read they work the pond bottom and stir up mud, but I already have that problem with the bullheads. Was waiting on putting them in till bullheads were gone but looks like that may not happen any time soon. If they would overpopulate I would then put in blue cats in. Seems that most of my fishing is from my docks, so fishing for cats would an easy option. I have channel cats in there but just can't catch them do to bullheads.

Goal for the lake is to catch fish large enough to eat, don't need trophies. The grand kids do not like the bullheads do to their sharp spines.

61 acre water shed lake. bass, channel cat, black crappie, wiper, walleye, redear sunfish and bluegill. To many bullhead and common carp