Suckers including redhorse will not produce thriving fish fry in a pond. Carp will readily reproduce and IMO more than 4 large ones will keep the water more turbid than it would be without the carp. Turbid water has pros and cons. Get rid of as many of the carp as possible. Carp as their total weight also detract from the weight of usable good sportfish in the pond. Look up carp fishing on Youtube and pay close attention of what they experts recommend.
Use those methods with the baiting,chumming and angling they suggest. If you catch any try and get us a picture of one of them. Since they have not reproduced yet(?),,, you should be able to catch most of them with dedicated anger persistence. Also the creek chubs will not produce young chubs in the pond and I would also remove them, when ever caught, in favor of growing other more beneficial fish.

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